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Whether it is Summer or Winter, there is no better way for for kids to enjoy the outdoors than playing tennis.  With many local authority tennis courts, they are usually hard courts and some are now having flood lights added to enable evening and dark winter days playing.

Anyone For Tennis?
Anyone For Tennis?

Singles for those that like to be totally responsible for everything that occurs or doubles tennis for the team players.  I remember playing tennis every day during the school holidays, doubles, round robin games, winner stays at the end while taking on challengers queuing at the other end.

We have everything to get junior tennis players started from tennis rackets, balls, mini tennis nets to many extras like tennis shoes to wrist and head bands.

See some of our selections:-

What a better time to start playing, go and see your local tennis club, see what they have on offer, or just grab a racket and ball and head to your local council run tennis courts, to book an hour to start.

There are over 20,000 tennis courts in the UK where you can go and play the game, indoor courts when the weather is bad or during the winter, thousands of clubs who may have internal leagues or be a represent of the club in  a local league for those who like a competitive environment.

Tennis to Match You

Tennis easier than you think

Cardio Tennis – exercising while having a good time, and bringing a big smile to your face.  The main aim of these light-hearted, sociable group fitness classes is to get your heart pumping and your body exercised.  It does not matter what skills you have or what your age is, just keep moving to your own ability and at your own speed!

Tennis for women and girls – is a great way for women to get back on court and girls to progress their tennis skills and enjoy the game in a safe and sharing environment.  The sessions offer fun and informal sessions focussing on a different skills each week with a mixture of coaching and fun match play.

Mini Tennis for juniors & Tennis for Kids – For kids, Mini Tennis is the answer. Children between three and 10 years old can enjoy tennis using smaller courts, smaller nets, smaller rackets and lower bouncing balls.  Contact your local club or sports centre to enquire where you can join in!

Disability Tennis  – There are many adaptations of tennis on offer for disabled people to play.  These can help build social skills, self-esteem and independence, as well as boosting fitness and coordination and may lead to competitive tennis!
Wheelchair tennis integrates easily with the non-disabled game as it can be played on any regular hard tennis court with standard racquets and balls.

Go on, take a visit to your local Tennis Club or Public Courts to see what’s available!


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