2 Hour Land Yachting Experience Kent Reviews

Is it a boat? Is it a race car? Well... it's kind of both of those things! Head to Kent and get ready to blast those cobwebs away when you try your hand at operating a fast and fun Land Yacht! This 2 hour midweek land yachting experience will teach you how get the wind in your sail and control the land yacht as you hurtle along Greatstone's fabulous, wide beach. Whether you're a total beginner to the world of land-yachting or you have some experience, you'll get plenty out of your two hour training session. Beginners will be shown everything they need to know so that they're totally in control of the yacht - how to get going, how to steer, and - most importantly - how to stop! You'll start off practicing relatively short runs at a lower speed until you get used to your land yacht. You'll learn the easier type of turn - the luff turn - doing wide figure-of-eights to practice your technique. Once you're a little more confident, you'll be able to go for longer runs along the strand before turning. If you are doing well and there is time, the instructor may show you how to perform the other type of turn, called a gybe turn. Whether you get to do this or not, you'll have an absolute blast. When you know you're in control of your kart and that wind catches your sail, there is no feeling like speeding along the beach, close to the sand with a sea breeze in your face. Most people take to it quite quickly, and we predict you'll be booking further sessions after this one... or maybe even looking up the price of buying your own land yacht! If you're looking for a superb experience gift for someone with a real sense of adventure, or you just want to try something that's guaranteed to put the wind in your sails, try this brilliant land yachting training session in Greatstone, Kent.

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