Slime 26 Inch Schrader Bike Inner Tube

Self-Sealing Smart Bike Tubes with Slime inside. All Slime Smart Tubes are factory-filled with a precise volume of Slime Tube Sealant. Smart Tubes instantly seek out and seal punctures as they occur, preventing flats, repeatedly and continuously for up to two years. Ride without worries or the hassle of having to walk home. Please note that although renowned as an excellent product it cannot fix all punctures all the time so cannot be regarded as a 100% fix all solution.  26 inch tube fits: 26 x 1.75 (559 x 47 mm) 26 x 1.90 (559 x 50 mm) 26 x 2.00 (559 x 51 mm) 26 x 2.10 (559 x 53 mm) 26 x 2.125 (559 x 57 mm)

Priced At: £6.99 from Rutland Cycling

Stockist Catalogue Product Name Price  
Rutland Cycling Slime 26 Inch Schrader Bike Inner Tube £6.99

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