RX Smart Gear Buff Cable 3.4

Buff 3. 4 IDEAL FOR BEGINNERS TURNING LESS THAN 50 D/Us. IDEAL FOR ADVANCED LOOKING TO INCREASE INTENSITY. Aircraft grade cable with PVC coating. Our third heaviest cable weighing 3. 4 ounces per 9 foot length (excluding handles). Our Dual Threat cable which provides tremendous feedback allowing the athlete to jump with a broader range of tempos from very slow to super fast. Ideal for beginners to gain a better feel for timing while jumping at slower tempos. Also a fantastic training cable for advanced jumpers looking for greater resistance and intensity in their training. 4'9"-4'11" 145-150cm 7'10" 4'11"-5'1" 150-155cm 8'0" 5'1"-5'3" 155-160cm 8'2" 5'3"-5'5" 160-165cm 8'4" 5'5"-5'7" 165-170cm 8'6" 5'7"-5'9" 170-175cm 8'8" 5'9"-5'11" 175-180cm 8'10" 5'11"-6'1" 180-185cm 9'0" 6'1"-6'3" 185-191cm 9'2" 6'3"-6'5" 191-196cm 9'4"

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Kitbox RX Smart Gear Buff Cable 3.4 £14.99

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