Compact Electronic Vibration Plate

Clinical studies demonstrate that using a vibration plate can help tone your body and improve your balance and core strength. This is because simply standing on the vibrating plate requires your core body muscles to work hard to maintain stability and balance. The vibration creates a stretch reflex in your body, resulting in rapid and intense muscle contractions which speed up the fitness process. Exercises carried out while standing on the plate will therefore work your muscles work harder, intensifying any resistance training to achieve the same results in a shorter time. The Vibration Training Gym is our Best Buy, because it’s easy to operate, more affordably priced than most and takes up very little space at home.

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Best Price: £169.95 from Scotts of Stow, Expert Verdict

Stockist Catalogue Product Name Price  
Scotts of Stow Compact Electronic Vibration Plate £169.95
Expert Verdict Compact Electronic Vibration Plate £169.95

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