Christmas Bike Gift Wrapping Paper Bag Various Sizes

Our Rutland Cycling gift bag is the perfect accompaniment to any bike purchased this Christmas. Wrapping a bike isn't the easiest task in the world, even for those blessed with unbelievable wrapping skills. So rather than spending hours trying to wrap your bikes this Christmas, simply purchase our gift wrapping bag instead. There are a lot of cheaper plastic bike bags available on the market, but this one is made of thick paper. The paper gift bag is a superior product for the following reasons:   It is more environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives It is safer and presents less of a suffocation hazard compared to plastic bags Paper is more traditional and fun to tear open on Christmas morning Because this bag is made of a thick, tough paper it also has multiple uses. Once it has been used to wrap the bike on Christmas morning, it can also be used again to cover and protect the bike whilst in storage, or in transport. Two sizes are available: Adult XS-XL framed bikes Children's bikes up to 14 Each size has a different design as shown in the product image above.

Priced At: £9.99 from Rutland Cycling

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Rutland Cycling Christmas Bike Gift Wrapping Paper Bag Various Sizes £9.99

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