Activ7 Kinesiology Tape

Activ7 Kinesiology tape helps to support muscles during training and competition. Lifting the skin, the tape helps to increase blood flow which may be beneficial in the recovery of soft tissue injuries. Activ7 Kinesiology tape can be used in a multitude of ways; from Kinesiology taping methods to providing sensory support. Aimed at athletes and competitors, Activ7 Kinesiology tape is designed to work in 3 ways: REDUCING PRESSURE ON PAINFUL AREASKinesiology tape can be applied to help relieve inflammation of injured or overloaded muscles and tendons. IMPROVING MOEVMENT PATTERNSActives stretch receptors positively influencing the control of muscle tension, improving our ability to move whilst under the load of training or competition. PROMOTING BLOOD FLOWWhen stretch over the skin the Activ7 Kinesiology tape lifts the skin and facia to increase the flow of blood and lymph which may aid recovery of soft tissue damage.

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